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4/19/2015 10:05:12 AM EST
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Customer Testimonials
"I'm glad you got the email feature done, I'll be bribing my kid in the morning."

"I think the software is great and my daughter really seems to like it."


Software that helps you learn how to spell

Use Spelling Made Simple once a day to practice
your spelling and you will see amazing results - Guaranteed!

New version released that interacts with the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad versions available in iTunes

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad versions
available in iTunes that interact
with this desktop version

Software Summary

Spelling Made Simple is a program that helps people learn how to spell. Lists can be made by typing them into the program so that any desired custom list can be created. Lists can also be created and learned quickly by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting text into the software. You can also download some lists from our site so that you don't need to create them yourself. You can see, and hear the word (based on the user's settings) and then type the answer which helps with the memorization process and is a proven method in learning how to spell. If the answer is wrong it will go back into the queue and be retried later so that the words that need more practice get tested more often. Statistics are kept with the intention that you can review improvement and review what needs to be worked on.

About The Software

Spelling Made Simple by Prenap is a spelling software program that implements a simple but proven method of learning spelling words. The spelling software application is designed so that students can run through their spelling list quickly and easily or a business professional can review all of the challenging words in a proposal.

When people get to a certain age they don't want spelling software that is fluffy and colorful. Students nearing 5th grade usually want to do grownup things. Therefore a childish spelling program to them is not appealing.

This spelling software program is also important to adults as well. Many business people want to ensure they can spell the words in a proposal before giving a presentation where they might need to write a challenging word. If they misspell a word during a meeting it could cost them respect, credibility and money.

Customer Testimonials
There are so many testimonials that I am going to stop posting them on this site.
Thank you so much. Caroline is bound and determined to get to the NSB again, and SMS is the best help.

Kim W

Thanks for the great software BTW! It has been really helpful to him.

Thanks for everything,

Excellent Software, love your program!

Hope you are doing fine. We wanted to inform you that Narahari placed 14th at the Scripps National Spelling Bee this year. It was a great experience. Thanks so much for everything.

BTW, we have used SMS for a long time and really love it.


We are a homeschooling family of 4 overseas and have used SMS for years.

Great program so far , I like it a lot.

We belong to a homeschooling group and will mention the program at some point to others if it works well for us.

Francisco G.

I mentioned previously how well I liked your spelling program and that I was using it for ages 13-20. I feel it really helps the students to practice the spelling words in this manner. I use the program in two main ways. To prepare them for a spelling tests and familiarize them with English words, meaning and pronunciation. My students are mostly learning English as a second language and I find it very helpful that they can hear the word, hear the definition or sentence that I record, see it, type it! I also use it with several special needs students.

I recently upgraded to version 3 and really like the added functions in the Audio Recorder! I find it much easier to use now as I like to go back and add sentences or definitions and now I can listen to the words to see if I want to change the audio or not. One thing that I haven't quite figured out is how to deal with open form compound words, such as post office, real estate, middle class, full moon, half sister, attorney general. Of course there is no problem when you just want to pronounce the word but since my favorite function is adding a definition or sentence it can be quite funny.

In closing I want to say that you really have a GREAT product and I wish you success in marketing and selling of your product!


I bought your program about 5 years ago and LOVE it! My old computer quit working and I recently bought a Macbook Pro. I am unsure of what I need to do get the mac version. It really helps my children with their spelling and I hate not having it.

Pam C

Still loving this program,
Linda M

Dear Mr. Gerten,

Thank you so much for making a Spelling Made Simple app for the iPad!

I got my iPad 2 today, and I downloaded your new software.

Thank you,

I am happy to inform you that Narahari won his Regionals and made it to the Finals.

Thank for your help once again,

Thank you,

Dear Mr. Gerten,

Thank you so much for the beta version of Spelling Made Simple! I really like the loading speed and the extra info option.

Thank you,
Samuel E.


Today I received a letter from the inmate who is working most closely with the Spelling Made Simple program at Louisiana State Penitentiary. He is a young, devoted teacher who tutors all day in the literacy classroom and then spends every evening supervising the computer lab. I am going to copy in a section of his handwritten letter:

"Thank you so much for helping me get the Spelling Made Simple program approved. I've put several of our students in the program this week. I typed in all the spelling and vocabulary from lessons 1-35. Every student that I put on the program enjoyed it. I'm pleased with how the program works. The good thing is that I enjoy watching the students interact with the program. I believe it will be awhile to discover the full potential of the computer program, but I know I will learn something new every day. I stay praying for you that God will give you wisdom to keep doing what you are doing."

Well, I thought you would enjoy hearing that :-) . I sure did!

Dear Mr. Gerten, Thank you so much for writing the SMS software. Our son has used it for about a year now, and has qualified for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. He has many, many words recorded for testing with SMS.

We have heard from our friend, Michelle that you plan to port SMS to the iOS platform for the iPad. Would it be possible for our son to be a beta tester for SMS on the iPad?

Thank you again for this product. We have used it extensively for our family and have recommended it to friends.

Thank you,
Kimberly E.

The tutors and students are "raving" about the program, and they are coming up on test scores. So the administration is pretty excited about our program, too. I believe it is only a matter of time before it spreads to other locations.


My son has been using Spelling Made Simple for a long time and has been finding it very useful.


SMS is working great for us.


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the quick response. That is great news that you are working on releasing the software on the Mac platforms. Yes, please let me know when the iPod/iPhone version is available.

I'm looking forward to using the program again. It has helped me with my spelling a lot. I clicked "Like" on the Facebook icon on your website so information about your product will show up on my Facebook page.


Dear Ben,

I purchased Spelling Made Simple late in 2010, probably October or November. They program worked well and I was happy with it. Thanks for a great program.


Hi, I bought your program on 2/08/11 it is great

Thank you,

Hi, Ben,

I believe this product is just what I am looking for.


We purchased the Spelling Made Simple program last year and have liked it quite well. Thanks so much! I've only used it with 7th and 8th grade students (they are the highest grade at my school) as they can self monitor themselves more on the computer and they've reported that they have been able to remember how to spell words through the repetition that the program provides. It's pretty user friendly and for the price its a great program! Thanks again

Stefanie T.

My wife and I are US citizens living and working in the Philippines. We are Christian missionaries and have lived here for 12 years. We have an 11 ˝ year-old Filipino son. He is enrolled in a school in the States as a “distance learner”. All his lessons are on the computer, which is synchronized twice each day with the school servers in the States. Each of his lessons has a Spelling Word list, and he has regular Spelling Lessons in Language Arts. (He is half way through 6th grade) We have tried many methods for practicing/learner spelling. Your program is far ahead of all others. It is simple to use for the student and the “administrator”. (I enter the Spelling Lists) It is a stable, no crash, no problem software program. (It is installed on a Windows XP SP3 computer) Our family has used Spelling Made Simple for 3 school years. Our son learns how to spell using Spelling Made Simple. You have most certainly helped us.


Thank you for your great program. I bought it a couple of years ago. My two children use the program. They are 10 and 12. They are bilingual and spelling is quite a problem for them. My oldest is improving greatly, I believe because of the repetition and learning how to use your program effectively to review the words. The younger just doesn't like to study anything; he'd rather be building legos.

I appreciate the agility and functions of the program. As an engineer and programmer's wife and daughter and now teacher, it is definitely a helpful tool that makes them have to think as they spell and uses various learning skills at the same time.

Thank you for your work,
Cherie C

Good morning. I had been using your software for about an year. I find it very useful. I am planning to coach kids for spelling bees.


Good Morning Mr. Gerten

I have been using Spelling Made Simple for about a week and it is a great program. It has all the options that you can think of. The program performs flawlessly and is very user friendly, easy to learn and use. The User Guide is well written and has answered all my questions.

Again thank you for a great program at a value price.

Paul A

We love your software.

Kevin R

Thank you:

I appreciate your immediate response to my error, it's good to know that you provide excellent customer service, at least I know I purchased from a reputable company.

I feel that we're off to a good start and I would have no problem recommending your software to someone else. Thank you for your prompt service.


Thanks Benjamin for your help. I actually found that I had saved it on my external hard drive. I just added my email and password.

I love the software. The children have improved their spelling. I use the essential spelling list by schonell. I just add these in groups of say 10 words and the children work through them. When they know them all they move on to the next group of words. I plan to add local place names too and will add the audio with the correct pronunciation too.

Thanks for creating a great, flexible, user friendly program.


I enjoy your program greatly after only two days. I have improved my spelling greatly but would like to see the ability to turn off the visual text show before I have to spell the word, that way I know I can spell it without a visual reminder.

Thank you,

I am using it with 3rd and 6th grade this year. I would say that it hasn't been one of those storybook type accounts where the kids spelled so horribly and now it is a breeze. However, they are better spellers. They enjoy getting on the computer and doing their spelling so it isn't like pulling teeth to get them to practice their words.

One thing they do (this isn't the intent of the program, I know) is make up stories and put them as wordlists. Then, they have fun listening to the computer read it back to them. They work hard to make sure that they spell all the words correctly in their silly stories.

We do like it, and I am thankful that we can use it.

Thanks again for your help!
Patti W


Your program is wonderful. I actually use it for myself. I am an adult, but my spelling is horrible :) but I have seen a great improvement since I have been using your program..


I am a homeschooling mother of 5, 3 of whom are old enough to study spelling. They are in grades 6, 4 and 2. We LOVE Spelling Made Simple. I found your program by accident while searching for a web-based spelling program that a friend of mine was using (wizard spell, or something like that.) My then 3rd grader was floundering through his spelling lists. He needs a more multi-sensory approach in learning all of his subjects. My modifications in his spelling were not working. This was exactly what he needed: hear, see, type. It took him about two weeks to get comfortable with the program. After that, his test grades went from failing to perfect! My other children showed marked improvement in their scores as well. They really look forward to seeing the graph of their time and percentage correct at the end of the week. They challenge themselves to beat their own time each day.

Additionally, I am a licensed teacher and I provide year-end assessments for local homeschoolers. I recommended your program to all of my clients. I have also told all of my other friends about it. I don't know how many of them decided to try it or not. I will find out when I see them for assessments again this summer!

I love everything about the program. The only part that I have needed to work on are some of the audio files. Often, our spelling lists contain homonyms. Since my children practice their tests at least once per week on "audio only", I have needed to make all of my own audio files for those words. I include a short definition or sentence with the word, because it takes too much time for a definition to pop up on the screen. After all, my children are racing against the clock to keep that time graph going down!

Thanks again,
Kristen S

I am a homeschooling mother of 5, 3 of whom are old enough to study spelling. They are in grades 6, 4 and 2. We LOVE Spelling Made Simple. I found your program by accident while searching for a web-based spelling program that a friend of mine was using (wizard spell, or something like that.) My then 3rd grader was floundering through his spelling lists. He needs a more multi-sensory approach in learning all of his subjects. My modifications in his spelling were not working. This was exactly what he needed: hear, see, type. It took him about two weeks to get comfortable with the program. After that, his test grades went from failing to perfect! My other children showed marked improvement in their scores as well. They really look forward to seeing the graph of their time and percentage correct at the end of the week. They challenge themselves to beat their own time each day.

Additionally, I am a licensed teacher and I provide year-end assessments for local homeschoolers. I recommended your program to all of my clients. I have also told all of my other friends about it. I don't know how many of them decided to try it or not. I will find out when I see them for assessments again this summer!

I love everything about the program. The only part that I have needed to work on are some of the audio files. Often, our spelling lists contain homonyms. Since my children pracitce their tests at least once per week on "audio only", I have needed to make all of my own audio files for those words. I include a short definition or sentence with the word, because it takes too much time for a definition to pop up on the screen. After all, my children are racing against the clock to keep that time graph going down!

Thanks again,
Kristen S.

I’m so happy I stumbled upon your website! This is well worth the money. It’s exactly what I have been searching for. My son is in 3rd grade and struggles with sight words and words with different vowel combinations. He doesn’t care for all the childish graphics in other software and gets turned off quickly because of this. I know without a doubt he will love this. My faith in quality learning software has been restored!

Thank you, Ben!!!!!

I have been using your software with my children for 9 months and am more than pleased with it.

Best regards,
Teresa K.

My daughter (5th grade) and I both love your program. My second grader asked to start Spelling Made Simple, even though I don't have him scheduled to start spelling till next year, and he enjoys it as well. I loved not even having to come up with lists for him. I have recommended it to my homeschool groups on several occasions. It is so elegant and simple, yet so customizable. And I'm not just saying that for the password, either. ;-)

Anyway, thank you for your consideration. I understand if I need to repurchase the software. Just thought I'd check with you first.

Susan B.

My age group is 13-19. I just started using it so I will try to let you know later what results I have. But my hyperactive child was THRILLED to start it as anything done on the computer REALLY helps him focus his attention and he did real well on the first spelling test I gave him after starting the program!! I will try to keep in touch with results.


The kids really do well with this program. I have 4 children using it this year and there is definitely a difference the weeks they don't use the program. They really enjoy it also, it is not something they have to do, it is something they want to do.

Thanks for everything!!

It was worth the full purchase price anyway. My 3rd grader heads straight for the computer to take his “spelling test” each day, as soon as he comes home from school. He was averaging 30% on his scores at school until I put him in touch with your software. Now he has scored 100% each time for the last 4 weeks of tests!

Thank you very much!

Your software is really great. We are using it with three of our kids: ages 11, 9 and 8. Our oldest daughter (11) has been a terrible speller and has done beyond poorly the last couple of years. She also showed very little interest in improving. I stumbled upon your software at our local homeschool bookstore (www.homeschooldiscountproducts.com) and we started it the next day. This year she rarely makes below a B and our other kids love the program and are doing great. Thanks for being such a huge source of help and encouragement to our family.

Hope you have a great day!

We bought the program because both my children, 8 and 10, are dyslexic and have trouble reading and a great deal of trouble spelling. They've been using it once a night since the beginning of the year, to prepare for their weekly spelling tests. Their scores have improved markedly since last year, which we attribute to your program.


The mom and two children were impressed with your software.

Have a Great Evening!
Dave W.

Hello Mr. Gerten,

I am really thrilled by the opportunity to give my opinion on your product. First of all thank you so much for such a great program.

I bought Spelling Made Simple for my son Drew. He is now 13 and dyslexic. He reads OK, which is great for being dyslexic but his spelling is not good...at all. We have tried many, many spelling programs in the past. Hands down my son prefers Spelling Made Simple.

Before I sat down to write this I asked my son what he felt he liked and disliked so I could give you true user input. He said the thing he likes best about your program is that it can be tailored so perfectly to him. He can add his own list from school and still get audio for it. He can do it on his own without having anyone read the words off to him. He can then check his progress himself and see which words he is continually getting wrong. This in itself is big for my son because he sometimes gets a little forgetful (short term memory problems are part of the dyslexia) and can't always remember where to find what he is looking for in programs but Spelling Made Simple is so simply laid out and user friendly that he can handle the whole process himself which gives him a feeling of some control over his spelling issues. This is important because for so long his spelling had seemed like this elusive problem that he would never be able to tackle. He works separately on his phonics and rules etc... to improve his chances of doing better with each list but there is no better testing and tracking program out there than Spelling Made Simple. We tried Ultimate Spelling as well but found it was not nearly as well tailored to his weaknesses.

Another thing we really like about Spelling Made Simple is the way we can pull up clear graphs and records of his tests to chart his progress. In fact, last year (7th grade) his mainstream teacher accepted weekly print outs of his Spelling Made Simple daily tests in place of a weekly spelling test because his dyslexia can make timed classroom spelling tests so much more difficult. What we found was that just having his Spelling Made Simple print outs took a lot of the stress off the Friday tests and he did a lot better on the in class tests as well. His confidence about his spelling was better, therefore he made less mistakes.

Both Drew and I thank you very much for inventing such a complete program.

Debbie M.

Thank you so much for helping a military family that is a HUGE supporter of your software. Thank you!


We've really enjoyed the program. There are still some ins and outs that I need to figure out when I have time to really sit down and go through the user guide, but so far so good. I'm using the software for my 9 and 11 year olds, and they enjoy it so much better than spelling workbooks.

Thanks so much,

I love the software and I am going to send an email advertising it for other moms as well. My son is now in the 8th grade and we have been using Spelling Made Simple since about 6th grade. It is a blessing for him to use it to study his words and also practice his skills on the keyboard. What a blessing Spelling Made Simple is to me.

Thank you.

I think you have a great product and it can really make the practice time for the student very productive!


What a great job! Thanks for persevering to create this software. I enjoyed the demo and found it easy to understand (this, from a non-techie mom).

Beth H.

My girls are 15 and 11. The 11 year old has Down syndrome so being able to hear the words and see them is very helpful. Repetition is also very helpful. My older daughter isn't the greatest at spelling, so being able to put in my own lists is very helpful for what she's doing right now.

Loretta B.

I don't know if you remember me but I was the homeschooling mom that contacted you after purchasing another, less desirable spelling program. We have been using Spelling Made Simple and really like the program.

Lynn K.

I have been using your software for about a month with my children, and love the program.

Thank you,
Teresa K.

Sorry it took so long for me to get back with you about our spelling year. For the most part it was successful - but not completely so. My daughter used SMS again this year and won the Marion County (Indiana) North District Spelling Bee and also the Indiana Home School State spelling bee. Unfortunately, she missed a word at the regionals and finished in second place (she went to the national bee last year). The only consolation is that she took the written test for the National Bee this year and scored 29/31 - which would have placed her into the National Semifinals! We're very proud of her and look forward to seeing her at the Nationals for two more years! She loves SMS and we continue to use the product. Thanks!

Al S

I have been using your spelling software for about a week with my 9 and 12 year old, and have found your program to be simple, thorough, and by far the easiest way to get my children to learn spelling. Thank you very much. My 12 year old has had problems with spelling for years, and I am hopeful that this program will help him become a better speller.

Teresa K

We love Spelling Made Simple and I have a suggestion on getting the word out...I suggest you enlist those on your mailing list to help you sell your product by providing an incentive to do so.

Laura M

Thanks so much for a great program! My son used to hate spelling. Now, it is one of the first subjects he wants to do. Our son is in 8th grade. The curriculum we used before was AVKO Sequential Spelling which doesn't get graded. However, I can tell that his spelling has definitely improved since we began Spelling Made Simple, and I really appreciate that he wants to do it rather than dreading spelling.

Thanks again!
Mari H

Thank you. My 11 year-old daughter has always struggled with spelling. She started using your product the beginning of this school year and is currently getting an A in spelling. She receives a list every week from her Teacher, which I input into your program. While studying she uses the audio and text settings. The night before her test she uses audio only. It creates independence for her and prevents the frustration that I get when helping her study her spelling. She has also started using the definition functionality to help with the rest of her spelling assignments.


I like the program and use it every day. I love the recording feature.


I have been using your spelling software for some time and have been transformed from a pathetic speller to an alright speller. Being in Australia we use English way of spelling, mine you I’m not that fussed spelling a word the American or English way, anyway is a step up for me. I have tried to create audio of my own with this software and found it simple.

Warms Regards

I purchased Spelling Made Simple last summer and my daughter has used it all year and it has been great.

Thank you,

We're still using SMS. Not involved in spelling bees, but would be interested in helping you promote your program. I've already shared with folks I know, but, since moving to VA, I've started a new hs group. We currently have almost 60 families with access to another 40 through e-loops. I'd love to promote within the group.

Lisa S

My son uses your spelling software. This year, he won all the way to the county level so he is headed for the National Spelling Bee this May (his 2nd time). He was a semifinalist last year.

Mrs. Medina

My 11 year old daughter is heading to the NSB in May. We love your software and are using it like crazy. We tried to develop our own drilling system with Filemaker, but it was much less user friendly than yours. I wish I had known about this when our older daughter went to the NSB in 2007 & 2008. We are sharing the word with our home school friends. Since your program is so adaptable, it is great for any spelling studies.

Kim W

I love your software. What appealed to me so much about your software, and what I share with others, is that it can be used with ANY spelling curriculum. I also love that it saves me time from giving so many spelling tests.

Melissa M

I've been using Spelling Made Simple for a couple of years now and enjoy it very much. I recently started working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (a worldwide home schooling publication). I'd think it might be helpful for you to advertise your product with TOS.


We use Spelling Made Simple for weekly spelling tests. I type the list in for my daughter for her to practice. There's no question that your spelling software works... when my daughter doesn't use it, her spelling test grades are much lower.



Article By the Joplin Globe about Christopher Smith winning The Joplin Globe spelling bee. They talk about the software but fail to mention it by name.
What his father sent me:
Thanks for the great software. As you can see, my son won the Joplin regional spelling bee. The software made it possible.

Brian S

Things have been going well for Rebecca. She is making some progress. She still misspells several words in her writing and she likes to create lists of the words she misspells so she can work on them with the software.


Right now, we are using it with my oldest 4 children (of 9) - 14.5yo boy & 12.5yo girl both with severe dyslexia, 10.5yo girl and 9yo girl also with reading difficulties. My oldest 2 who have struggled so much with other programs were unable to even spell words longer than 3 letters. They are both consistently scoring 85-97% on the review tests for 2nd & 3rd grade levels and we expect them to continue moving up! Our 5th grader never gets more than 2 wrong on a review and our struggling 3rd grader is working her way through the 1st grade lists with significant improvement!

We all love it because it is simple and self-correcting. It takes minimal time and gives maximum results. We love this program! Thank you!!!

Katie L

I just purchased your program. I can see a big improvement in my kids spelling after using the program for 30 days. I want to know if I can down load this program on my other two computers. I home school my kids and we spend a lot of time on the computers. We use a program called K12. I think K12 would like your program. You might look into them and approach them.

Patti S
Home School Mom

The software is great, it even works with Spanish vocabulary, yes record the pronunciation and if you know the combination for the accents that are used in Spanish vowels you're good to go, one thing I haven’t tried is, record pronouncing the word, plus a sentence, that way when you have words pronounce with a short sentence helps identify the correct word.

I will buy the software.

Thanks for a quick response.
Ismael S

Audio Testimonial - Might need to be using Internet Explorer for this to play
The program is fantastic. I cannot say that strongly enough. We have my son studying with it. He is 11 years old. He first uses the words in text and audio (he sets the display speed). He reviews it that way several times, and then just using audio, and he is either getting 100% or very close every time. The program is great!!! Our 5 year old will be using it now also. She loves to spell, and any time you can have the kids use the computer it is more comfortable for them. It seems to relieve some of the pressure of having mom or dad review the list. No worries for the kids that they might disappoint a parent or get "in trouble" when the parent becomes upset for repeated mistakes. So it takes the judgment or feelings of judgment out of the equation and makes learning emotionally easier as well. Thanks for the great product.

Brian S

I downloaded the trial of Spelling Made Simple, and I really like the program. I love how the program works. Thanks so much for your help. I'm going to get my son on the program now to use it for the trial. I do expect I'll be purchasing it soon!

Debbie L

Thanks for these tips and updates. They really help. Great product. It’s great having one program that handles anything.

Cindee G.
Home Schooling Mom
Boise, Idaho

Thanks again for the quick reply - and a very nice program. I appreciate the email reports to monitor how the kids do each day - great feature! I purchased your program last fall and am enjoying it very much. I am home schooling 7 children, ages 5-17


This is really nice software. This is a great tool, it even works with Spanish vocabulary.

Ismael S.

I love your software. Once the trial period is over, I will buy your software. It is the best that I found up to date. I am living in South Africa and I am using the software to teach my kid, German, English, Afrikaans and one other Ethnic language.


Thank you for the quick response, I was able to register my new computer. My wife home schools both of our boys (9 and 10). She is also a former elementary school teacher. From the first time the boys used your program they enjoyed it. It is simple and right to the point. One of them likes the audio feature and uses it for every word. They use the program everyday for studying their weekly words. They also write their words daily and their end of week test is written. We have noticed an improvement in spelling since using the program. Mostly I think because it is 'fun' to study using the computer. Thanks, the beauty of your program is its simplicity.
Now if you can come up with a "Math made Simple" that would be great.

Thank You,
Paul and Cindy R.

My kids are really excited about the program. I have a 3rd and 4th grader that home school.

Thank you,
Patti S.

Now that we've had some time to use the software, I definitely think you have something very strong here. It operates the same way we do flashcards with the kids. When they get one wrong it goes into another pile that we re-do. We keep doing them over and over again until they get them quickly. Then we run the pile again after a few days. Your software does much the same thing.
The email thing is definitely a great feature too. To have the application push information out to me will definitely save me the time of having to go in and pull up a report.
Thanks again! and please let me know how I can help.

Steve C.

We have really enjoyed this program. It is a great way to reinforce the spelling skills the kids need. Currently Use it for a 3rd, 5th and 7th grader. We use Abeka, BJU and Christian Liberty Press. I am also going to use English from the roots Up and other Latin and Greek Programs for root words. Thanks so much for using your gift of programming to create a great spelling resource.

Amy F.

Thanks for your help, in getting us back into your program. Your program is being used by our 10 yr old daughter. She is in the 4th grade. Spelling Made Simple has really helped her out. She has gone from C+ to A/A- in her spelling grade. On rare occasions and because of her busy schedule, she forgets to enter her words and study with your program. We usually see a performance hit on the next test, which my daughter is quick to correct and get the next set of words in and study with Spelling Made Simple. She really likes the voice function of your study tool. Thanks for a great program that is easy to use and fun to learn with. Also, thank you for answering my question yourself. It means more to have my question answered by the program creator rather than an automated response. It shows that you do care about your customers and your software. Keep up the great work!

Mike A.


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